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Mar 31, 2014
Himu Yashiro Says:
hey doesn't that hurt ur wrists? 
Nov 25, 2008
crypter27 Says:
its like a sledgehammer
Jul 22, 2009
superCatia Says:
There are two kind of muscular fibers, the first ones related to quick response and stamina, and the second ones related to strength.
Apr 22, 2009
royston123 Says:
Ever heard of the Gracies ?? Royce put body builders away one after another. And no mma fighters are built like bodybuilders. Fighting ability comes from technique, tendon strength and athletic ability Bench pressing does not build that. Why do nearly all mma fighters do caveman training now?? Get your facts right before commenting
Apr 4, 2009
WrestlingKingTV Says:
好, I like dat!
Mar 25, 2010
pillsburydoughboy47 Says:
yes you can, but your swings need to be more precise; you need to maintain the metal portion at the exact same angle or you risk injury. I could handle the 35 lb one I found at the closest Hardware store, problem was, I could not handle it with PRECISION, I got scared so, I opted for the wussy 6 pounder instead. An Indian Mace would actually be much safer, but in its absence hey, you can buy a sledge hammer anywhere.
Feb 13, 2010
John Kwak Says:
could use a sledge hammer in place of a mace?
Aug 14, 2009
GershonH Says:
What is the music track that is playing in this video?
May 7, 2012
rdan rdan Says:
Wow this looks very hard. And it looks painful. All i know is i dont wanna get hit with that
Jun 23, 2008
kismet108 Says:
"Drummers Reel" - Dhol Foundation
Mar 25, 2010
pillsburydoughboy47 Says:
because a mace's weight is spherical, no worries about holding it any given angle. yes, a sledge can be used in its place but, be precise.
May 10, 2009
Alex P Says:
let's not get into who blows who, as you obviously have a hardon for bodybuilders... don't twist the argument, bringing other hypothetical factors into it... we're contrasting two training methods: one increases the efficiency and output of your existing mass, the other grows meat (i.e. muscle mass)... after a certain point the increased mass will have a negative effect on your performance, no matter how much baby oil you put on, and flex in front of a mirror...
Jul 1, 2009
iwasbornspecial Says:
the average modern bodybuilder has unnatural muscles full of sarcoplasmic fluid not muscle fibers. they can barely tie there own shoes, let alone climb in a ring to fight in........the mace swings are very cool, cant wait to get one.
Jun 23, 2008
LOKE99 Says:
thank you!!
Aug 13, 2009
Andrew Dianiska Says:
well, while the recent commercialization of KBs is somewhat amusing, at least it is providing folks who might not get the opportunity to exposed to them otherwise-- and from that wider exposure more folk may find a truer path. and the MaceBell/ ClubBell products by Torque are incredibly high quality as are the training materials by Sonnon/ rmax.
Mar 4, 2011
Andrew Dianiska Says:
@pillsburydoughboy47 -- as were maces! ;-) also sledges are far shorter, somewhere between gada [Macebell] and meel [Clubbell] length with that double of center mass-- at the end of the lever AND unevenly shaped. it's worth it to procure a legit gada/ MB for safety's sake alone
Apr 6, 2009
danbau08 Says:
Thanks Got it already. Hope to get the 2nd one. A very good and interesting documentary. Made one similar to yours with concrete. Excellent device. Was always curious how they fastened those big honkin rocks or whatever to the stick/bamboo on the traditional ones? Ever had one? Seen how?
Mar 25, 2010
pillsburydoughboy47 Says:
so you understand; its not just a weight problem with a sledge hammer, its also a precision issue. The swing has to be extremely precise, form is everything or you risk hurting yourself. Don't forget that sledge hammers were once weapons of war.
Feb 4, 2011
klarmer Says:
Awesome video. Any tips on how to make one of these? I don't want to shoot a bowling ball at passers-by :) Jai hanuman!
Jul 4, 2010
heppsanhometraining Says:
Great vid! Thumbs up!
Jun 25, 2008
kismet108 Says:
You got it mate. Basically I used steel gas pipes and used an spherical mould and fill it with concrete (either make mould from plaster paris, fibreglass or simply a cheap ball shaped pot / vase). Next thing is to use ten pin bowling balls - easier to make.
Dec 5, 2008
Kalika Putra Says:
Great vid mate,thanks for posting. I do Gada every day ,nice to see other blokes do.
May 7, 2009
Daoist Viewer Says:
Yet another fantastic vid. Thanks for posting!
Mar 30, 2009
kismet108 Says:
I've thought the same thing. I can see it happening with the indian clubs and the mace/gada. They already have the macebell I think. Try to get hold of The Physical Body: Indian Wrestling And Physical Culture . Thats got some old school exercises in it if you havent seen it already.
Jan 11, 2009
cray0308 Says:
awesome. gada is a good integrated workout.
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